Yorda. a Software Engineer. a Combat Veteran. an Entrepreneur.

About Me


I'm a Software Engineer

Self-taught in the ways of web-development rooting back to 1999/2000 era; continuing as a hobby in my personal life throughout school and the military. It was not till 2011 when I started to get serious into programming outside of basic web-development for gaming communities I participated in.

I am a tried and tested leader; a Combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom. I am slated to graduate end of 2020 with a Bachelor of Applied Science - BASc focused in Computer Software Engineering from DeVry University.

Looking forward to continue on my never-ending education journey; as I am considering a Master's in a Information Systems Management program at DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management.

My Skills

Survival 100%
Front-end HTML, CSS, JQuery
Back-end PHP, Python, NodeJS
Database SQL, NoSQL, Redis, Cloud
Software C#, C++, Java, Python
Marketing Platforms Google, Facebook, Instagram

Notable Awards & Courses

Combat Infantry Badge U.S Army
Object-Oriented Programming DeVry University
Army Achievement Medal x2 U.S Army
Army Commendation Medal x2 U.S Army
Network Security Testing DeVry University
Principles of Information Systems Security DeVry University
Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/ Campaign Star U.S Army
Iraq Campaign Medal w/ Campaign Star U.S Army
Data Structures & Algorithms DeVry University
Project Management DeVry University
Ethical Hacking DeVry University


"helped me setup a [marketing] campaign. My company still has a long way to go but we had a great start."


Marketing Client

"Pleasant experience, helped me get my landing page optimized, pixel setup and walked me through what to expect in the future."


Marketing Client

Where I've Spent my Time

8 Years

New York

4 Years


3 Years

New Jersey

10 Years


1 Year


1 Year


3 Years


My Resume



United States Army Infantry School

Certified Badass, Tactical Operations.


United States Army

Team Leader Course


United States Army

Security Force Assistance Course


United States Army

Squad Leader Course

2016 - 2018

Jefferson Community College

Computer Science Associate in Science

2018 - Present

DeVry University

Computer Information Systems Bachelor of Science.

Projects I've Built


One Tiny Link

One Tiny Link allows you to reduce long links from websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin as well as other sites on the internet for free.


Headless e-Commerce Solution

Yordadev's Headless API is a back-end only service that has been built from the ground up to make ecommerce content accessible via a RESTful API for display on any consumer device.



A prototype framework for building rapid Discord bots with PHP.



A web-application developed with the intent to help people advertise their discord server and recommend others.



SocialMgr purpose is to allow for easier management of multiple social media platform accounts for cross platform postings and post scheduling built on Laravel & Lumen.



Server provider comparison website, think Trivago but for hosting companies. Built with Laravel using Bootstrap 3.



A hosted real-time communications API provider built with Laravel, NodeJS, Redis, SocketIO and Bash Scripting.


Overwatch Match Betting

Website that allowed 3v3 or 6v6 match betting in Overwatch. System included match lobbies on the website and a custom Overwatch bot that communicated with website to invite players from lobby into custom match made by the bot, monitored chat, started the game and monitored the score to report back results. Built with Laravel, Python, Bash Scripting and SocketIO.


CyrCraft Trading Bot

Cryptocurrency exchange trading bot that operated on 2 exchanges automatically based on a custom scalping strategy implemented. This Project was built with Python using Multi-Threading..


Network Speed Monitor

I had to do a raspi3 course project for one of my programming classes. This will run on anything that has python on it and will store your speeds every x minutes to google drive as well as tweet to @yourispprovider on twitter when the speeds are below x of what you are paying for.



Server monitoring package that collects server information and builds a payload to send off to your API every 30 seconds to be processed and actions taken by your back-end.


Web Design

I offer website wireframes, designs, and SEO optimizations; as well deploying and managing your hosting services.


From software solutions to web-applications, I have the ability to tackle any problem that may arise.

Brand Building

I assist in the setup of your first Facebook Ads campaign. To include, I have extensive experience building targeted audiences with the integration of Facebook Pixel along with Google Analytics.

Clean Code

I have 20 years of experience with "coding" from self taught practice to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Engineering from DeVry University. This has provided key insights in producing clean & optimal code.

Contact Me

Client Portal

Easily create new projects and track them with me with my custom client portal software; as well as raise emergency tickets and see the latest commits to a project.